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Calling Tesco Wine Community Gold & Silver Members

It’s time for another Tesco Wine Community taste panel. This time it’s the wonderful 2012 Trivento Reserve Malbec. This fabulous wine will be sent to 10 Gold members and 5 Silver members to be reviewed.

If you’re selected as a taster you will be sent a bottle of the wine for to enjoy, and once you have your verdict, all you have to do is feature your review on Tesco Wine by the case in the Ratings and Reviews section and repost your review on the Wine Community. After the reviews have been posted, we’ll select our most constructive review to win a mixed case of Trivento Reserve Malbec and Reserve Chardonnay!

The competition closes on Wednesday 25th September so if you're not a Gold or Silver Member yet and want to take part, get talking wine on the Community and work your way up! Once selected, our winners will have until 11th October to upload their review and be in with a chance of winning a case.

How to become a taste tester?

Simply let us know why you’d like to take part in this Argentinian wine tasting in the comments section below and we’ll select ten of the best answers from 10 Gold members and 5 Silver members to take part.

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The competition is open to all UK residents aged 18 or over, except for anyone directly connected with the planning or administration of the competition. The competition is only open to gold and silver members of the Tesco Wine Community. To enter the competition members need to log in to the Tesco Wine Community and leave a response below this discussion post to explain why they would like to taste and review the Trivento wine. No purchase is necessary to enter the competition. The competition launches on Wednesday 18 September and closes on Wednesday 25th September. 15 winners will be selected to win one bottle of Trivento Reserve Malbec. Entries will be judged on the most constructive answer. Winners will be contacted by email on Thursday 26th September. The decision shall be final and no correspondence shall be entered into. Winners (taste testers) will be required to write a review on Ratings and Reviews section of Trivento Reserve Malbec and repost their review on the Tesco Wine Community discussion forum by 11th October 2013. Once the reviews have been posted on the Ratings and Reviews section on, the reviews will be judged and the person who posted the most constructive answer will be selected on 14th October to win a case of Trivento Reserve Malbec and Trivento Reserve Chardonnay wine. The chosen winners will have 28 days from the time that the email is sent in order to claim their prize. If the winners have not responded within this timeframe, another winner will be chosen from remaining entries. By taking part in the competition, entrants are deemed to have read, understood and accepted all of the Terms and Conditions and agreed to be bound by them. An individual can submit only one entry.

For posting guidelines please refer to our House rules.

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rcoyle - Gold, 18 Sep 13, 12:22:30

I'm a Bronze member so I'll sit back and see everyone's comments on this wine. I bought a case of it recently in the 25% off sale based on my past experience with Trivento Malbec. I haven't tried it yet but I expect it to be quite good value!

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Hi rcoyle!

You've actually just made it into the Silver member club so please do feel free to enter the competition!

Many thanks,

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jackieang - Gold, 18 Sep 13, 12:47:22

Hi I'd love to take part in this review. Argentinian wine is a relatively new concept, even in the UK and in signature grape is Malbec. However, even within Malbec, there are many styles from unoaked medium bodied ones to full-on spicy dark and inky wines. I'm still a fledgling explorer and would like to try this to find out what style I would really like and what is special about this wine.

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1kevfp - Gold, 18 Sep 13, 14:13:26

Hi Charlotte,

We sampled both the Reserve and the Golden Reserve at the recent Manchester fare ( both rated very good & excellent by us ) and would love to try a larger glass - I have made no secret that I really rate Marcelo Papa's wines and truly hope that this new Triventino range is a huge success


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Nickc - Gold, 18 Sep 13, 14:20:04

Malbec is one of my favorite grapes and from the tasting notes listed it sounds a more than interesting wine.
In addition the customers reviews and ratings are outstanding I would be delighted to be included to have the chance to write my own review having sampled such a highly rated wine!

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spikedc - Gold, 18 Sep 13, 16:37:47

Just recently had a bottle of this and really enjoyed it and would recommend it highly.
Love to sample another and do a more in depth review because overall it's a pretty decent wine.

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DarthVader - Gold, 18 Sep 13, 17:17:21

I have been drinking Argentinian Malbec for many years now - I remember the very inexpensive Tesco Argentian Malbec being discussed in The Times and being given a fantastic review and quoted as being the best wine under £5.00. Needless to say I tried it, enjoyed and have sampled many other malbecs since.
However, I've not had this one and would enjoy the opportunity to taste and review.

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MLB - Gold, 18 Sep 13, 18:38:33

Malbec and Chardonnay are two of my favourite wine types and I would love the chance to review these wines. You really can't beat a good Malbec with a juicy steak and I am always looking for new favourites. I would also like to see how the Chardonnay compares to the Casillero del Diablo one we had the other night at the wonderful tasting evening - call it a South American taste off!


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pumps100 - Gold, 18 Sep 13, 19:20:08

I like wine - particularly Malbec.

I also buy more than I drink.



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saunderss288 - Gold, 18 Sep 13, 20:15:39

I recently had a bottle of the Trivento Malbec Syrah reserve and it washed down the rib eye steak and chips beautifully. I'd love to try more of their range and experiment with some more meaty matches, perhaps a shin of beef casserole.

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petit_verdot - Gold, 18 Sep 13, 23:18:30

Some wines are iconic - think Catalunya Priorat, Chilean Carmenere, St Emilion Merlot, Chablis, Condrieu. Well...... Argentina's Mendonza Malbec falls into this category.

And, by the way, this wine has won a Gold Medal. Judging by the reviews on the Community - this wine is velvety, dark, rich, and spicy. Sounds like my 'cup of tea'!
With all these credentials I'd LOVE to try this wine and give my verdict.........

....but this can't happen unless I'm allowed to taste it and give my opinion!!!

The fingers are crossed.


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Aimetu - Gold, 19 Sep 13, 08:00:25

As a SB drinker it will be lovely to try a chardonnay - I'll have to think hard about food matches.

Hubby is the red fan in our house but I have recently discovered Shiraz and have enjoyed a glass or two, so trying the Malbec might be another one for me :-)

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clivec - Gold, 19 Sep 13, 13:32:29

Trivento is one of my favourite wine producers (with the Golden Reserve Malbec being one of my top-rated wines). I have not actually tried the Reserve Malbec yet and so this opportunity would be very welcome. I generally love what many of the South American producers are doing with their Malbec wines - with La Mascota also being a firm favourite. It will be interesting to compare this one.

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clodhorse - Gold, 19 Sep 13, 13:55:44

I haven't tried these before but from the community discussion I would love to do so. Please enter me into this competition. Thank you.

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Hi all,

There's less than three days to go to enter our Taste Panel competition and to be in with a chance of winning a case of Trivento Reserve Malbec and Reserve Chardonnay.

Thanks to everyone who has entered so far. Good luck!

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Mike S - Gold, 23 Sep 13, 15:56:30

I used to be quite a big Argentinian Malbec fan but a few experiences of mediocre examples put me off it and promted me to explore Chilean Cab & Carmenere as my go to South American reds of choice.
I'd like to be a part of this tasting to see if I can rekindle an affection for Malbec.
Plus it'd be a great excuse to go out and buy a big steak for its ideal food pairing

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tonygurney - Bronze, 24 Sep 13, 16:00:17

Anyone else think that there are some hidden gems in Argentinian wine?

It's time they were re-evaluated.

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rcoyle - Gold, 25 Sep 13, 12:57:41

I've had a few Malbecs and it's one of my preferred grapes but I have yet lots to learn about it. I first discovered Trivento Malbec at Gordon's Wine Bar in London but I'd love to try this 2012 Trivento Reserve Malbec in a more controlled environment, pairing it properly with some great home-cooked food to give it a proper partner. We're also hosting a big dinner party soon so it'd be great to have everyone sipping and chatting about this wine!

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seaBass - Bronze, 25 Sep 13, 15:31:57

A prime cut of beef on asado with chimichurri sauce and a bottle of red wine. All Argentinian, perfect.

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We'll be announcing our winners tomorrow so last chance to enter for all those who haven't yet done so!

Remember if you're a Bronze member, there's still time to enter. All you have to do is get talking wine on the Community and work your way up to become one of our Silver members!

Good luck!

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