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*CLOSED: Piccini ‘Meet the Family’ Dinner*

Yes, that’s right, we are offering another incredible opportunity to dine with a member of the iconic Piccini dynasty.

This time, it’s a once in a lifetime chance to dine with the very heart and soul of Piccini – the fabulous Martina Piccini. The Piccini family has been crafting wines in the heart of the Tuscan countryside for over 130 years, ever since Angiolo Piccini first picked grapes from his seven hectare vineyard to make Chianti. Four generations later, brother and sister team Mario and Martina Piccini are at the helm, creating their range of classic Chianti wines from four estates scattered throughout the region.

You’ll be wined and dined by Martina Piccini at the award winning restaurant, Bocca di Lupo! 5 very lucky community members and their plus ones will be invited to this exclusive evening.

During the evening, you’ll be treated to a dazzling ‘Maialino ‘ tasting menu featuring a whole roasted suckling pig, native lobster as well as fabulously fresh Italian antipasto and to top it all off each course matched with a different, specially chosen Piccini wine including wines from their renowned and much loved Memoro range, sourced from the 4 corners of Italy. The dinner will take place on 12th June at 7:30pm. (Please do make sure you are able to attend before entering the competition.)

For the chance to win all you have to do is answer the following simple question:

Why would you like to have dinner with Martina Piccini and what would your one top question be?

If you haven't joined us on the Community yet, it's not too late! All you have to do is click on our "Join the Community" button at the top of the page to sign up and then submit your entry below this competition post.

Good luck everyone!

Competition closes at midnight on Monday 2nd June.

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The competition is open to all UK residents aged 18 or over, except for anyone directly connected with the planning or administration of the competition. To enter the competition members need to log in to the Tesco Wine Community and leave a comment below the competition post to answer the question: Why would you like to have dinner with Martina Piccini and what would your one top question be? No purchase is necessary to enter the competition. The prize is a dinner with Martina Piccini for the winners and their plus ones. The prize does not include transport or accommodation. Closing date is midnight Monday 2nd of June 2014. The entries will be judged by the originality of the answer. Five winners will be selected and contacted via email on Tuesday 3rd of June 2014. The decision shall be final and no correspondence shall be entered into. The chosen winner will have 3 days from the time that the email is sent in order to claim their prize and confirm their plus one. If the winner has not responded within this timeframe, another winner will be chosen from remaining entries. If the winner cannot attend the dinner, there will be no other prize substitution. By taking part in the competition, entrants are deemed to have read, understood and accepted all of the Terms and Conditions and agreed to be bound by them. An individual can submit only one entry for the length of the competition.

Promoter: The PLB Group Ltd, Dorset House, High Street, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 3DE. PLB Group reserves the right at any time to cancel, modify or supersede the competition (including altering prizes) if, at its sole discretion, a competition cannot be conducted as specified. PLB Group reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal value in the event that circumstances beyond its control make this unavoidable

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rvb1966 - Bronze, 14 May 14, 16:09:20

I'd like to have dinner with Martina Piccini because I'd like to thank her for producing the nicest prosecco that I have ever tasted and at the price better than most champagnes!

My top question would be why does Tesco not stock the Vino Nobile di Monepulciano?

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clivec - Gold, 14 May 14, 16:42:54

Oh Yes - what an opportunity!
I'd like to have dinner with Martina Piccini to ask her a whole host of questions about the 4 generations of winemaking heritage in her family, their 'trade secrets' and how she manages the close working relationship with her brother Mario (which could potentially be quite awkward at times, if they don't always see 'eye to eye').
But, undoubtedly the top question I would like to ask her is: "How do you manage to ensure the consistently high quality and taste of your 'Memoro' label wines as they are Non Vintage blends of grapes gathered from a wide variety of vineyards?"

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spikedc - Gold, 14 May 14, 22:41:12

Another fabulous opportunity for us wine lovers to sit at a table with someone involved in four generations of wine making, sharing family traditions, stories and maybe even some secrets to divulge.

How did Martina and her Brother come up with two brilliantly flavoursome and afordable wines as the Memoro Rosso and Memoro Bianco two big favourites here on the Tesco Wine Community.

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greatbigrobot - Bronze, 14 May 14, 23:18:40

What a great opportunity to learn about some terrific wine at one of London's best restaurants.

Here is my question. Piccini has a strong team of women in what is still quite a male dominated industry. How does Martina feel that gives her company a competitive advantage?

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Nickc - Gold, 16 May 14, 08:47:56

It is our wedding Anniversay we will be away in Athens what a crying shame I would have love to been available the Piccini wines are great.
Good luck to all!

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ritamistry - Silver, 16 May 14, 16:33:01

Wow another fab opportunity to be wined and dined with wine aficionados. Thank you Tesco for this fab opportunity, the lucky five winners will have an amazing time.
Being a huge fan of Piccini Prosecco I have to admit I prefer it to other wines as its light, fruity, dry and aromatic - refreshes the parts other sparkling wines cannot reach.
I would ask Martina, being a fourth generation winemaker the pressure is on. Which winemakers prosecco besides the Piccini brand do you admire and what would you pair it with?

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petit_verdot - Gold, 16 May 14, 17:01:03

Wow, another fabulous Tesco competition prize.

To wine & dine in the company of 4th generation successful wine-makers from Italy would be absolutely thrilling - even more for someone like me who likes alot of Italian wines - there's so many grapes to choose from! And besides - who can say no to roasted suckling pig and lobster?

I also think, perhaps, that family run winemakers could have alot more passion for their wines than, say, someone who is doing it just as a job. There's a stronger personal connection to the wines maybe.

As others have already mentioned, I would like to talk to Martina about the fabulous Memoro Rosso & Blanco - expertly crafted wines and the Rosso is a real treat.

My top question to Martina would be what aspect of wine-making is she most passionate about and why, was it shaped by family history, or is it related to a more modern trend - in short what drives her passion for wine-making.

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dhwelwyn - Bronze, 20 May 14, 13:45:39

An opportunity to learn more about Piccini wine and their family history whilst being fed wonderful Italian food at the famous Bocca di Lupo is a competition which I am more keen to enter than my words could adequately express.

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jdg - Bronze, 22 May 14, 19:53:07

I would like to meet and dine with Martina Piccini as Piccini wines are my favourite and Bocca di Lupo is my all time favourite restaurant, therefore it seems like kismet!

My top question would be, if you were told it was your final meal and you could have any bottle you wished, any food you wished and in any place of your choosing what would it be?

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jackieang - Gold, 24 May 14, 20:23:29


I've always been interested in blending different varieties and the Piccini Memoro blends seem very interesting because of what actually goes into them.
I'm sure the reason for blending is to make the wine taste better, especially with food and I'd really like to try these wines with the tasting menu at Bocca di Lupo. It will be a great opportunity to talk to Martha the art of winemaking and especially of blending.

The top question I would want to ask is: With so many components going into each of the Piccini wines, how did you even come up with the blend you've got? Is selecting the grapes more important or is the actual blending process more important in ensuring the quality of the wine?

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saunderss288 - Gold, 25 May 14, 10:59:46

Sounds excellent! I would like to have dinner with Martina Piccini to pair some of the consistently excellent Piccini wines, both traditional and innovative, with foods other than the usual pasta and pizza fare to see how they compliment each other.

My question to Martina would be, based on the success of the Memoro range are there any plans for Piccini to release any more wines with different grape blends and if so are there any particular grape varieties she has in mind?

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eddie5610 - Bronze, 26 May 14, 18:11:04

With so much variety & quality of wine produced throughout the world. What challenges do you face to bring your wine to the attention of wine lovers.
Personally I think Italian wine is vastly underrated.

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pumps100 - Gold, 30 May 14, 17:51:25

To thank her for the delightful Memoro Rosso. It was amazing.

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Tommy711 - Bronze, 30 May 14, 19:29:55

An unbelievable restaurant and an even better range of wine, which in my eyes would produce a truly unforgettable evening for myself and soon to be wife. My question would be "if Angiolo was sat here with us today, what do you think he would be most proud of with regards to the wine and why?"

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SuniMonkey - Bronze, 1 Jun 14, 10:08:39

What an amazing prize!

I would love to take my husband to this dinner, as until 2 years ago I thought that I didn't like wine, but my husband insisted that I try Piccini Chianti and I loved it, from there I have developed a passion for Tuscan wine's and they say you never forget your first love (or your first bottle of wine that becomes like an old, familiar friend) So i would love to take him and get to know more abut this wine that has transformed me into a wine lover!!!

I think my question would be, that it is incredible what they have achieved as a family over the last 130 odd years, could she imagine where the family and business could be in another 130 years?

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hannahmassy - Silver, 1 Jun 14, 22:51:12

I would love the opportunity to have dinner with Martina and learn more about the history of Piccini wines, the changes she has seen in the family business over the years and the challenges she faces working with her brother! We recently returned from Tuscany where we sampled some amazing food and wines and learned just how seriously Italians take their wine! My question to Martina would be "what is the best wine you have ever tasted and what made it so outstanding?"

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colquhoun - Bronze, 2 Jun 14, 15:33:30

This would be a wonderful opportunity to enjoy first class Italian food, broaden my taste of the Piccini range of wines and discuss winemaking with a successful modern winemaker.

My top question would be:
To maintain quality when buying grapes for your Memoro wines, do you buy grapes on the open market or do you contract with approved growers?

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Thanks so much to everyone who entered this fabulous competition. I can now announce that the lucky five winners are:

greatbigrobot, jackieang, ritamistry, SuniMonkey and Petit_Verdot!

Huge congratualtions. I'll be in touch over email with more details.

Best wishes,

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greatbigrobot - Bronze, 5 Jun 14, 10:57:56

How exciting. I am so pleased to have been chosen.

Can't wait to taste the Piccini wines at the wonderful Bocca di Lupo.

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