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21 Nov 11


What I drank last night

Swapping White For Red

red wine

This blog will come as a surprise to anyone who knows me as this is not about white wine.

I love Sauvignon Blanc from either New Zealand or Chile and that's what people will have expected me to be writing about.

Most weekends when I have friends, family or the clan (in-laws) over for a meal one comment always comes up.

"I love white wine but I can’t drink red"

I understand what they mean as I don’t drink that much red wine myself but I am still expected to be able to pull out a bottle that's instantly loved by a dozen or more people. Even when I am sure that I have a bottle of something that will be a crowd pleaser someone always says "that’s ok but I can’t finish the glass" which is code for that's rubbish. After a quick search of the site and a rummage through the shelves in store followed by an exhaustive weekend sampling session I discovered two cracking wines from different sides of the world.

First we have the St Hallett Gamekeeper's Reserve from Australia's Barossa valley which as expected is big, bold and very powerful but it makes me imagine a farmer squeezing fresh raspberries in to the bottle as I can only describe it as a fruit bomb.

The second choice is Tarani Cabernet Sauvignon from France which reminds me of pink foam mushroom sweets from when I was younger. I know this sounds a bit unusual for describing the taste of a wine but a few people have said the same thing. Is this the power of suggestion or am I right.

It would be great to hear your opinions on my choices and hear any other recommendations for my next get together.

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