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13 Sep 13


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What a delight to be awarded the "Tesco Wine Community Member Of The Month " September, for me in particular it was like having Christmas as a child again with lots of goodies to look forward to and try, so many thanks to the team for the award and the opportunity to be a Chilean Explorer

Well, we decided as we were not aux fait with Chilean food to hold a mixed Tapas evening with our good friends and fellow wine enthusiasts Tony & Sue. Consequently we decided Tapas would give us plenty of taste choices to mix and match the wines where possible and Lynn my long suffering wife spent Saturday conjuring up the delights for our table, the only ingredients bought in were the olives and the Serrano Ham as our olive tree in the garden hasn't bared any fruit and we were fresh out of pig.


The wine was served in an order we thought matched the food.

Mar del Sur Sauvignon Blanc - Concha y Toro 12.5% £10 (Marcelo Ganges)

This wine was very pale in the glass with only a faint bouquet which we couldn't decide was lemon or lime, it was very crisp and fresh but I think we have been spoilt recently with some great Tesco deals on NZ Sauvignon Blanc and therefore possibly unfairly compared it to NZ wines, it cut through the acidity of the olive & anchovy dish very well and held its on with the paprika almonds, it didn't have a lot of length but we all agreed it was acceptable as possibly a lunch wine.


Prima Piedra Chardonnay - Concha y Toro 13.5% £8.99

Green gold in the glass with some "legs" the label said pineapple peach and vanilla, my wife Lynn got the peach & vanilla bang on without me showing her the notes, it had much more length than the Mar del Sur - probably to be expected worked well with the tortilla and just about held its own with the marinated olives, maybe a heavier more complex chardonnay would have worked better but again acceptable at the price.


Casillero del Diablo Viognier -  Concha y Toro 13.5%.  £7.50 (Marcelo Papa)

Lets get the party started! Tony & Sue said they had always steered away from Viognier  so were very much looking forward to trying this one especially a Diablo wine which all four of us have enjoyed for many years. (Lynn had tried this Viognier with a curry on a girly night out a couple of years ago but preferred a Sauv Blanc)

This did not disappoint, a full bodied wine with lots of bouquet, flavour and length, lots of apple and apricot, it worked with all the foods with perhaps the exception of the chorizo.

Suffice to day this wine didn't last for day 2. To anyone considering buying this - go for it!


Cono Sur Pinot Noir Bicicleta 13.5% £7.49 (Adolfo Hurtado)

Well here was an intriguing wine, we all knew the Cono Sur label and quality but we are not used to Pinot Noir, I chilled it down, perhaps a bit too cold at first again it worked with all the foods and perhaps even the chorizo,  its a very elegant wine, lovely bright colour and an excellent length, we got the tastes as per the label " cherry plum and subtle spice," - would have loved to try this with pork and Tony said a garlic monkfish would in his opinion work very well.

There was a little left on day 2 it was still very nice with our "leftovers".

Cambucha Carmenere  Vina Maipo/Concha y Toro 12% £6.99 (Max Weinlaub)

 I have bought Carmenere in the past and have quite enjoyed it as something different from the usual Shiraz and Cab Sauvs etc, the last case I bought was I think the Tesco 1940 Fairtrade a while ago. This other wine was I think heavier and I think at 12% this particular wine is lighter than I normally choose.

We all agreed it had a plummy flavour quite smooth and quite a bit of black pepper Tony and I thought a bit of tobacco as well, it worked well with the chorizo and roasted pepper salad, I could imagine it with a tomato pasta as well, again due to its lightness perhaps a lunch wine?


Casillero del Diablo Malbec Concha y Toro 13.5% £7.99 (Marcelo Papa)

Again as we are all Diablo fans perhaps we were a little biased towards this as Concha consistently produce good/great wines across their ranges.

This is a full bodied deep and intense wine. Lynn again without notes got the black cherry straight away, it worked really well as expected with the chorizo and roast salad but a bit too strong for the chicken in lemon & garlic

I would not dispute the label statement of "grilled meat roast veg & mature cheese". Thankfully there was some of this left for day 2 - lovely.


Interestingly  all the wines supplied were  "screwcap" which I personally find no problem and for something like the evening we had was ideal as a corked wine would have detracted from what we set out to achieve.

All in all a great night and something we will consider doing again, as we know wine takes on a different personality when served with food so thank you again Tesco for providing the wines and making our Tapas night such a success 

Kevin & Lynn ( Pulford )

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