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3 Jan 13


Wine made simple

New Year Wine Resolutions

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A brand new year has begun, which is full of optimism, hope and new dreams for the year ahead. If you haven’t made your New Year’s resolution yet, then stop right there, we’ve got some wine savvy ideas just for you…

If you find it as hard as we do to stick to a resolution, we’ve come up with our own wine resolutions that we think are more realistically achievable and a lot of fun for 2013! No matter whether you’re a long-term enthusiast or brand new to the wine field, we think we’ve unearthed some fantastic challenges for you this year…

1. Try wines from around the world

Let’s face it, once we’ve got our favourite wine we stick to it, but there are so many exotic and mouth watering wines to try worldwide.

Recently we held Wine of The Year Awards, which saw many of you voting for your favourite wines, whether it is a crisp white, mellow red or a fruity fizzy! Why not take a look at the winning wines to give you a place to start your wine adventure.

Alternatively, some of our fabulous wine members have discussed their favourite wines, which you may like to give a try. Aimetu opened a bottle of Gewurztraminar to go perfectly with her spicy curry, petit_verdot chooses a Viognier with its silky fruit flavour.

Top Wine Tip: If you’re a New World fan, why not try Old World wines. These days, quality wines are coming from more countries than ever before, so be creative and daring in your wine choices this year!


2. Learn more about wine 

Do you often go out for a meal and have no clue which wine to pick? If this is the case, then this is the perfect New Year’s resolution for you!

As you know, we held our first live-streamed wine tasting Q&A session this year. Wine tasting can be a great way to learn about wine and taste it at the same time, which of course we’ll know you’ll love ;)

Alternatively, why not aim to go to one of our Wine Fairs next year where you can taste an eclectic range of wines first-hand with other like-minded wine enthusiasts.


3. Make different wine and food pairings

We are all guilty of matching certain foods with particular wines, mainly because of a few simple ground rules – match like with like and think about the weight of the dish. But some of the best wine and food pairings are those unexpected finds.

Most of us would choose a white wine to go with fish, however at a dinner party back in November, we found that the delicious Brancott Estate T Pinot Noir 2010 works in harmony with it due to its smooth, supple flavours. If you want to find out about the other pairings we came across, simply click here.

So why not try some different pairings in 2013 that are beyond your wildest dreams and let us know what delights you’ve uncovered!


4. Go to a BYOB restaurant

The best-kept secret in the wine community is Bring Your Own Bottle restaurants. So why not give it a try in 2013 and let us know what you think of them!

Paying through the nose for a bottle of wine in a restaurant can be a thing of the past. Head over to our BYOB Blog for more details and check out some of our favourite restaurants. Once you’ve been to one of these restaurants, you won’t want to go anywhere else!

Which resolutions will you take up or have you got your own to add to this list? Let us know in the comments section below!




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