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Win with your #TescoWineSelfie 18 31 Jul 15
Win with Wolf Blass 0 31 Jul 15
Gemma's blog- Dining Alfresco 0 2 Aug 15
Brancott Sauvignon Gris 3 1 Aug 15
Wher have the"Mystery cases" gone? 3 31 Jul 15
**Taste Panel* Wirra Wirra wines 42 31 Jul 15
Wirra Wirra Scrubby Rise 6 30 Jul 15
Tim Adams 4 30 Jul 15
Buying wines in rural areas 12 28 Jul 15
Has anybody tried any Brown Brothers wines? 7 28 Jul 15
Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne 8 28 Jul 15
Hungarian Rose 4 28 Jul 15
Jacobs Creek Twin Pickings ( taste panel ) 16 27 Jul 15
Consistent performers ? 8 27 Jul 15
Blind wine tasting... idea for Tesco Wine Fair 8 27 Jul 15
What's going on? 13 26 Jul 15
Ultimate Food & Wine match 9 26 Jul 15
Member of the Month? 7 25 Jul 15
Wedding Wine 2 24 Jul 15
Wine blends... 3 23 Jul 15
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Our wine team keep you updated on where they’ve been and what they’ve been drinking.

Food and Wine
al frescodining
Gemma Duncan   blog Gemma Duncan Tesco Wine Enthusiast

Dining Al Fresco

We love dining al Fresco, whether it’s dining in your back garden, picnicking in the park, or sitting in a pub garden...

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Wine made simple
Gemma Duncan   blog Gemma Duncan Tesco Wine Enthusiast

Our Favourite White Wine Blends (with a bit of red wine...)

We’ve already discussed some of our favourite red wine blends and now it’s the turn of white wine blends...

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Wine made simple
Gemma Duncan   blog Gemma Duncan Tesco Wine Enthusiast

Tesco Wine Community catches up with Oz Clarke

The International Wine Challenge (IWC) is now one of the most influential wine competitions in the world but its beginnings were rather more humble...

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Tesco Corbieres
Tesco Corbieres
4 stars 29 Reviews
If you want a cheap French red that's very drinkable then you really can't go far wrong with this. Yes its probably not going to win any awards for originality but so far I haven't had a bad bottle and for the price its really excellent.


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