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** WIN night & dinner at Michelin Hotel ** 215 30 Mar 15
**Win Tickets to the Moët Academy** 16 30 Mar 15
*Brancott Estate Terroir Series Taste Panel* 74 30 Mar 15
**Taste Panel - Graffigna Malbec 8 30 Mar 15
Creme De Cassis saved my wine. 3 30 Mar 15
Tesco Drinks Festival is 21! 1 30 Mar 15
Spring Sale! 25 % off on Wines by the Case 5 30 Mar 15
**Win Borgo Molino Motivo Prosecco** 6 30 Mar 15
Vinas del Vero Luces Taste Panel 17 29 Mar 15
Tesco Finest Navarra Garnacha Rose 4 28 Mar 15
Have you tried any unusual wines lately? 12 27 Mar 15
*Borgo Molino Motivo Prosecco Taste Panel* 39 26 Mar 15
Gemma's blog: What to drink with Italian Food 0 26 Mar 15
Fail safe food and wine options 7 26 Mar 15
Vinas del Vero Luces Taste Panel 0 23 Mar 15
Farewell and thank you!! x 22 22 Mar 15
Why am I getting mixed experiences with my wines? 16 20 Mar 15
Tesco Cava Brut 2 20 Mar 15
Tesco Finest Barolo 2010 1 20 Mar 15
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Our wine team keep you updated on where they’ve been and what they’ve been drinking.

Food and Wine
Gemma Duncan   blog Gemma Duncan Tesco Wine Enthusiast

Happy 21st Tesco Drinks Festival

The Tesco Drinks Festival, which launches in stores today, is 21 years old. That’s 21 years of Tesco offering a range of great promotions for its award winning wine range.

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Wine made simple
Blog Wine tastes
Gemma Duncan   blog Gemma Duncan Tesco Wine Enthusiast

Does the time of day affect how wine tastes?

Does the time of day affect how wine tastes for you? Many wine experts prefer to taste and judge wines first thing in the morning, sometimes before they’ve even eaten anything.

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Food and Wine
4746 01 Cover 02
Gemma Duncan   blog Gemma Duncan Tesco Wine Enthusiast

Easter Wine Options

Easter will soon be upon us and we’ve been busy finding the right wines to complement your Easter Sunday lunch.

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Wine of the week

Isla Negra Seashore Cabernet Sauvignon
5 stars 149 Reviews
Isla Negra is always reliable: fruity, full of berry flavours, easy drinking and never ever disappoints. On the lighter side of Cabernet, but heavier than, say, the average Californian but lighter than Australian.


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Member of the month

Congratulations to our March Member of the Month, tomonwine, for his fantastic contribution to the Wine Community! tomonwine reviewed our Oxford Landing Mixed Case. Find out his verdict here. Read The Review

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Central Otago Pinot Noir

Tesco wine buyer Graham Nash talks about Central Otago Pinot Noir and reveals how this red is soft and subtle enough to go well with meaty fish like tune and salmon.

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