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Food and Wine
Charlotte Stebbings blog Charlotte Stebbings Tesco Wine Enthusiast

Easter feasting!

Chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and a good old Sunday roast are all part of the Easter feasting plan. There are lots of ways to ensure your wine choices really bring out the best in what’s on your table (or in the case of Easter eggs, on your lap on the sofa).

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Food and Wine
Kevin Meehan   Wine Advisor Kevin Meehan Tesco Wine Advisor

Dark and mysterious strangers

I’m sure by now you’ve noticed some dark and mysterious strangers lurking around the Tesco wine aisles and on the Wine by the Case site. Serious and brooding, clad mostly in black, these 9 invaders arrived on our shores only recently, and are making some serious waves with their mesmerising intensity.

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Wine made simple
James Griswood header James Griswood Tesco Wine Buyer

Malbec Madness

It feels like it was only yesterday that I was writing a blog about the third World Malbec Day, however here we are nearly a year later and the fourth World Malbec Day is almost upon us. As anyone who knows me will attest to, I’m a Malbec nut, so I don’t need a ‘world day’ to encourage me to imbibe in a glass of this delicious nectar. I do think though that the day is a great idea for helping to bring Malbec to a wider audience. But what I don’t think is that 24 hours is long enough.

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Wine of the week

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finest* Saint Mont
4 stars 11 Reviews
I really like this wine. I think the Tesco tasting notes say everything pretty accurately. Refreshing petillance as Mike noted in his review. A tasty change from the overplayed Chardonnays and Pinot Grigios. A delicious light-medium weight white with a bit of character. Well worth a try.


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Member of the month

Congratulations to our April Member of the Month, boroimbiber, for his fantastic contribution to the Wine Community! boroimbiber reviewed our Cono Sur Mixed Case. Find out his verdict here. Read The Review

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finest* Argentinian Torrontes

Tesco Wine Buyer, Graham Nash, talks about the fresh and crispy Tesco Finest Argentina Torrontes and reveals his food matching tips. Discover our world of wine at http://www.tesco.com/wine

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