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Food and Wine
Laura Jewell blog Laura Jewell Master of Wine

A glass of wine with John Torode

Australian chef, John Torode, is renowned in the UK for his exceptional cooking and presenting skills. After first appearing on ITV1′s This Morning, he started presenting the hit BBC show, MasterChef in 2005 which proved to be a great success. He is a restaurateur; owner of the fantastic ‘Smiths of Smithfield’. He has also written numerous cookbooks but it's not only food he has a passion for, he also has a love of good wine. I recently enjoyed a glass of wine with John and here is what he had to say!

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Wine made simple
James cropped James Griswood Tesco Wine Buyer

Story Time

Stories are often the way that we as humans build together dry facts into something that becomes more interesting. Stories are a way for us to tie together numerous pieces of information into a flow that makes better sense of the individual parts.

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Food and Wine
Gemma Duncan   blog Gemma Duncan Tesco PR Manager

Summer wine cocktails

Though wine was traditionally created to be enjoyed undiluted, to be served either slightly chilled or at room temperature, it doesn’t stop people asking about what types of cocktails it can be used to create. Customers are especially keen to find out this information during the warmer summer months when they are looking for something lighter and chilled.

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finest* Gavi
5 stars 50 Reviews
This wine does not disappoint. Year on year it continues to provide good value for money. A refreshing taste in the mouth with good balance making it suitable for all meals based on fish or white meat.


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Congratulations to our August Member of the Month, rcoyle, for her fantastic contribution to the Wine Community! rcoyle reviewed our A World of Sauvignon Blanc Mixed Case. Find out her verdict here.

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finest* Argentinian Torrontes

Tesco Wine Buyer, Graham Nash, talks about the fresh and crispy Tesco Finest Argentina Torrontes and reveals his food matching tips. Discover our world of wine at http://www.tesco.com/wine

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